Less Virginity, Higher Scores?

Via Flappy Days:

Every couple of months we read about how America’s youth are falling far behind their international counterparts when it comes to math and science. The experts keep trying to figure out why this has happened, and how they can reverse the trend.

Finally, some answers:

BTW: This poll was commissioned by Counterpoint: The MIT-Wellesley Journal of Campus Life (whose staff, I’m guessing, is much more Chemistry/Mathematics than they are Studio Art), and comes to us via Pushback. Just last week, MIT announced that they were abandoning their sixteen year partnership with Wellesley and pulling out of the academic journal. They’re heading over to BU to get laid.

2 thoughts on “Less Virginity, Higher Scores?

  1. Ack!

    I’m wondering if the Studio Art kids are doing each other or if they’re where the frustrated few from other majors go to get deflowered. As I recall from school, both. I strongly suspect the Anthropologists of this missionary work.

    That 25% in Neuroscience looks suspiciously like n=4 (and the three are doing each other). Or n=1 with a split personality.

    Not surprisingly, the U.S. International Relations students are apprenticing by doing all their boinking metaphorically.

    What jokes are left about the Psych majors. Sheesh.

    The Chem/Biochem kids are obviously saving theirs for the lab, and the Math majors are just so totally beyond multiplication.

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