John Hagee: Lunatic, Friend to our Politicians

I’ve been watching McCain and Lieberman dance their way around their respective connections with John Hagee over the last few months and now I just can’t resist any longer. Not so latent reactionary Joe Lieberman recently described his good friend John Hagee as an eesh elokim like Moses (eesh elokin literally means “man of God,” but it also can mean prophet, clearly the intent here–yikes).  Wow, way to go Joe!  A new low!  I guess that if you bring together lots and lots of those creepy “pro-Israel” Christians in order to lobby for a war with Iran in the hopes that Israel can be wiped out in order to fulfill God’s wishes you’re ok with Joe Lieberman. But hey, it’s ok, Joe just figures that this has to happen. Why? Well, it’s simple, because Hagee told him that what God wants. Hagee and company needs all those stiff Jewish bodies to get into the Kingdom–a last minute conversion for Lieberman? Yeah, Christian Zionism is great for Israel. Let’s not forget that this is the very same John Hagee who believes (and has even said publicly) that the Antichrist will be “a blasphemer and a homosexual” who is “at least partly Jewish, as was Adolf Hitler, as was Karl Marx.” Nice one! From the Huffington Post:

In his 2006 book “Jerusalem Countdown”, Hagee proposed the theory that “anti-Semitism, and thus the Holocaust, was the fault of Jews themselves — the result of an age old divine curse incurred by the ancient Hebrews through worshiping idols and passed, down the ages, to all Jews now alive.” He also wrote that “Most readers will be shocked by the clear record of history linking Adolf Hitler and the Roman Catholic Church in a conspiracy to exterminate the Jews.

Antisemitism just isn’t what it used to be, maybe a pogrom in Crown Heights would get everyone’s attention. Don’t worry though, Hagee is equal opportunity! He also hates Muslims because they are “mindless murderers that are mandated by the Koran to kill Jews and Christians.” Not only that, he hates Harry Potter:

As millions of people anticipate the release of the latest Harry Potter book and film, we’re reminded once again of Satan’s ongoing attempt to deceive and destroy. The whole purpose of the Potter books is to desensitize readers and introduce them to the occult.

Since I could spend the rest of the day listing all the crazy things Hagee says, here’s a clip:


7 thoughts on “John Hagee: Lunatic, Friend to our Politicians

  1. C.S. Lewis used to say that Satan’s greatest deceit is convincing us he didn’t exist, but I think it’s really convincing the morally retarded (today- the likes of Hagee, Pat Robertson, etc.) that he is God.

  2. Right, I had thought of Levinas’s comment at the start of Totality and Infinity in which he tells us it is of the utmost importance to determine if we’ve been duped by morality. Anyway, what bothers me the most is the amount of bitterness doled out towards Obama through his association with Rev. Wright and more broadly, black liberation theology, and then there’s Hagee, who makes Wright look like a soft spoken altar boy. Granted, McCain and Lieberman don’t belong to Hagee’s congregation, but associating with him publicly is almost worse. Hagee has been invited by AIPAC to speak and is often championed as a leading Christian figure in support of Israel. The whole Christian Zionism thing annoys me and it’s not good for Israel, it’s simply a bit of a category mistake to identify the two positions, that is say, Jewish American support for Israel and Christian Zionist support–both mean different things by such “support.” And frankly, I’m not sure if Israel is always better off with the unthinking automatons over at AIPAC either. Regardless, if the public is going to demonize Wright for saying “God damn America,” and then try to put those words in Obama’s mouth, let’s at least be consistent and give McCain/Lieberman the grief they deserve for associating with someone like Hagee. And I don’t mean the banal “denunciation” when something unpleasant surfaces….

  3. Well, this is always the problem with hageeography – suspension of critical distance, one-sidedness, lack of perspective.

    I’m afraid that as usual fairness or consistency has nothing to do with it. The problem is that Wright ‘sticks’ to Obama in a way that Hagee doesn’t stick to McCain/Lieberman. Their constituencies aren’t worried about them in the same way that Obama’s swing voters are about him. They know what they’re getting. Mainstream white politicians have played footsie with religious wackos from way back – we have loads of precedents for that and it’s usually not too bad, as grungy interest politics go. They get thrown in the basket with the other clients and marginalized once their work is done. For those who aren’t sure yet what it means that Obama is black, there’s no precedent to tell them that Wright will recede once he’s whipped the zealots up and the election is over. That’s a playable fear.

  4. Yes, Carl of course you’re right. What really set me off was Lieberman, someone who should know better, referring to Hagee as a “prophet like Moses.” Despicable.

  5. Yup. I’m beginning to suspect that Lieberman got knocked a bit off his neurochemical kilter by the VP run. He’s showing some of the classic signs of ptsd: inflexibility, narrowed attention, stereotyped thinking, hypervigilance, apocalyptic worldview. Then again, some people age this way. He may be straining for legacy. He’s not someone I’m inclined to take seriously anymore. Too bad.

    To judge from Wright, his mentor on the topic Cornel West, and in general the traditions of ‘prophetic witness’ in the U.S.’s subaltern christianities, the bar for prophet is very, very low. Tear off a jeremiad or two and you’re there.

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