Derrida Today: New Journal

[Here is some information about a new journal – Derrida Today – that will be launched this summer as a conference in Sydney, Australia in July 2008 – keynote speakers are Catherine Malabou, Andrew Benjamin and Martin McQuillan]

DERRIDA TODAY is a refereed journal, published by Edinburgh University Press ( ISSN: 1754-8500)

General Editors: Nicole Anderson & Nick Mansfield


Reviews Editor:

Martin McQuillan


  • Derrida Today will focus on what Derrida’s thought offers to contemporary debates about politics, society and global affairs.
  • Derrida Today will explore how Derridean thought and deconstruction make significant contributions to contemporary issues and practices.
  • Derrida Today will invite papers that deal with the ongoing relevance of Derrida’s work and deconstruction to contemporary issues and practices; to the way it reconfigures the academic and social protocols and languages by which such issues are defined and discussed, and innovative artistic practices that adopt a “deconstructive” approach to how our contemporary situation can be represented.
  • Derrida Today will accept articles on any aspect of Derrida’s work or deconstruction in relation to various topics and contemporary issues, such as: philosophy and other theoretical/philosophical thinkers, literature, psychoanalysis, architecture, law, film and visual studies, photography and art , embodiment, feminism, race studies, politics, ethics, sociology, cultural studies, queer theory, sexuality, education, etc.

Where to Submit Articles:

For any enquiries about subscriptions, or to submit articles, please email the general editors: Nicole Anderson & Nick Mansfield at:


Consultancy Board:

•Stephen Barker •Andrew Benjamin •Rosalyn Diprose •Catherine Malabou •Margrit Schildrick •Julian Wolfreys •Ewa Ziarek

General Editorial Board:

•Derek Attridge •Robert Bernasconi •Giovanna Borradori •Pascale-Anne Brault •Judith Butler •John Caputo •Simon Critchley •Rodolphe Gashe •Irene Harvey •Christina Howells •John P. Leavey, Jr. • Niall Lucy •J. Hillis Miller •Michael Naas •Christopher Norris •Paul Patton •Herman Rapaport •Richard Rorty •Alison Ross •Nicholas Royle •Hugh J. Silverman •Henry Staten •Peter Pericles Trifonis •David Wills

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