Mikhail Makes A Surprise Visit To Portland, Declares Things To Be Great…

I know this is vain and pretentious to assume that the readers of this blog care about my present spatial position, so it is clearly a great reason to post about it, even if a short notice for now: I am presently in Portland and I have to say that things are going well here and the situation on the ground is much better than the press would have us all believe. Government is firmly in control and the occasional acts of insurgency are swiftly repressed and the bloody mess is usually neatly and quickly cleaned up… I will have a full report upon my return to Pervegalit World-Wide Headquarters!

5 thoughts on “Mikhail Makes A Surprise Visit To Portland, Declares Things To Be Great…

  1. The place is insane! It’s four floors of books about pretty much everything – huge philosophy selection with books that barely came out and a great selection of used books as well – I guess I forgot the real feel of a bookstore with all the online shopping – even the best of the options like being able to look through a book online cannot compare to the good old browsing of the shelves…

    Plus there is a coffeeshop on every corner here, the weather is grey and rainy just like I like it, so I might never return to my place of present living…

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