Vocal Impressions: The Candidates

I was driving home the other day listening to NPR (who’s the more pretentious one now Mikhail?) when I heard the tail end of a segment on All Things Considered called Vocal Impressions:

“Vocal Impressions” is a listener contest where we play a voice and you write about it. This time, we asked you to consider the voices of some of the people seeking the presidency of the United States. Listeners’ descriptions of the candidates’ voices reflected a healthy degree of insight, playfulness and skepticism.

Here are some of my favorites:

John McCain’s voice was described as “An undertaker explaining to the family why grandma’s funeral will cost $15,000,” as well as, “Casey Kasem announcing for the 10th straight week that your least favorite song is still No. 1.”

Barack Obama’s voice was described as “A glass of pinot noir with a Ph.D. in philosophy,” although I’d change that one to “a glass of chardonnay with a Ph.D. in English,” and “A public address system at a retail store when there’s a clean-up on aisle three.”

Hillary Clinton’s voice was described as “Lucy from Peanuts, home from college on her way to grad school, still berating Linus and Charlie Brown,” and “The sex ed teacher talking about abstinence.’

You can read more descriptions of McCain, Clinton and Obama, as well as descriptions of the voices of Ron Paul and Mike Huckabee here.

1 thought on “Vocal Impressions: The Candidates

  1. I’ve not been able to listen to Hilary’s voice. She sounds like she’s imitating a man in order to be heard. It works against her, totally. Her tone is abominable.

    I’ve only heard her one time sound anything like authentic and that’s when the tears flowed. Finally! I thought she really had found her own voice, but no. Perhaps that was just the voice of manipulation that women are taught to use to say “I’m sorry” or “You hurt my feelings!”

    The other angle to her voice is so wonderfully described by Kathy Bates in PrimaryColors as “that voice from hell.”

    AUGH! I believe we need a woman in the white house who can speak with the voice of a woman (ms. thatcher did, condi does) and the intelligence and leadership ability of a president. Sorry ladies, our day hasn’t come. Hilary can’t carry this one.

    And she doesn’t need to be a vp either…there isn’t room in the white house master bedroom for the Obama’s AND the Clintons.

    Besides which I never trusted why she stayed with Bill whenm he is such a raging sex-aholic EXCEPT to use him as a lever to get into the white house herself.

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