Поручик Киже/Lieutenant Kizhe (1934)

1934 Film (with music by Sergei Prokofiev)

composer: Sergei Prokofiev
director: Alexander Feinzimmer
screenplay: Yuri Tynyanov
Tsar Paul I: M. Yanshin
Count Palen: B. Gorin-Goryainov
Princess Gagarina: N. Shaternikova
her companion: S. Magarill
Adjutant: E. Garin
Commandant: M. Rostovstsev
himself: Lieutenant Kizhe

1 thought on “Поручик Киже/Lieutenant Kizhe (1934)

  1. the first fifteen minutes of this movie (which i’ve watched so far instead of working on a class presentation for tomorrow) are, like, hilarious.

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