Monday Mid-Afternoon Malkmus Links with Tune


Look for a new album from ex-Pavement member Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks due March 4 titled Real Emotional Trash. It will feature for the first time, a new drummer-Sleater-Kinney/Quasi drummer Janet Weiss, who replaced John Moen in the group earlier this year. They also plan to tour behind the ten track release, sometime in the Spring. Pre-order from here and get free stuff! Read more about it, see the track list and sample tunes here.

In the meantime, here’s Anthony Braxton doing his thing at the Iridium in NYC last Spring with a contra bass sax:

5 thoughts on “Monday Mid-Afternoon Malkmus Links with Tune

  1. Dude (if i may use this familiar form), a) this blog is slowly but surely evolving into a music blog and b) you totally stole my “Monday Tune” rubric – get your own day of the week!!! vis-a-vis Liars, i know it’s for a different post but i’m too lazy now to leave two comments, i think they were a kind of skinny jeans hip band but somewhere down the road grew-up a bit – you should check out their latest CD (Liars), and live that music sounds very cacophonous and a bit scarry…

  2. I know, Mikhail, that’s why I called it “Monday Tune!” I didn’t take you to be so territorial! Did I do so much violence to your Monday Tune? Really though…if you can’t share with me what then?! Anarchy! Ok, I’ll go back to Saturday or something, it’s like that commercial, everyone loves Friday, nobody loves Monday or something like that.

  3. Now that you’ve mentioned Malkmus, and knowing this blog’s other interests, you might like to check out this, a video using Stockhausen’s Kontakte with a surprise Pavement bit at the end. Wacky.

  4. Beautiful Braxton stuff, love the fat sax. Stockhausen always with the ‘glinting sounds’ well-funded European composers always favoured in the 50s and 60s–Stockhausen always sounds more voluptuous than Boulez (can’t imagine why…I recall Boulez saying that in amorous affairs one always had to have the power, and that in ‘his affair’ the ‘person was neither intelligent nor intellectual’. So he can cuddle up with Elliott Carter or, like Horace Vandergelder in ‘Hello, Dolly!’, ‘on those cold wintah nights, Horace, you can cuddle up to ya cash registah…little lumpy, but i’ rings!!!’ Good for Ms. Levi…). Easy enough to scroll down from that meaningless video, with everything all twinned and reminiscent of ‘La Chinoise’ and other times when Godard wanted to be tacky.

    Interesting that this traditional sound of a some sort of band comes in at the end of this piece of ‘Kontakte’, it has the same effect of the pieces of ‘marching band’ that you find in the ‘Hawthorne’ movement of Ives’s Concord Sonata.

    Good stuff. Keep it up.

  5. Thanks, Eric. That was a wacky transition from Stockhausen into Pavement!

    JdC–if you liked that Braxton clip, check out the composer/pianist Matthew Shipp with his String Trio group, especially the album _By the Law of Music_ with William Parker on bass and Matt Maneri on strings. Good stuff, a sort of 12 part suite, I’m looking forward to hearing Braxton’s latest recording 12+tet, on which I believe he plays that contra bass sax, very cool.

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