Shostakovich: Odna (Alone) Full Score Out on Naxos!

Shostakovich wrote music for this 1931 film and the complete recording is finally available from NAXOS – out in Europe (buy it here) now and will be out in the US on 1/29 (pre-order it here)!

From The Times Review:  

Shostakovich fanciers should snap up this first complete recording of his often extraordinary score for the 1931 film Alone ( Odna), the story of a Leningrad teacher getting her mettle tested in a posting to miserable Siberia. Into the pot Shostakovich stirs circus marches, barrel-organ clichés, throat-singing, a wailing theremin and woodwinds at the extremities. Russian singers and Frankfurt’s radio orchestra lap up Fitz-Gerald’s reconstruction; a job well done all round.


From the Artist
This makes this the first complete recording of one of Shostakovich’s best film scores, one where he was able to develop his dramatic instinct while learning more about cinema technology. These were lessons that would stand him in good stead, not only in the thirty or more films he scored through the rest of his life, but also in his other music.Product Description
Set in late 1920s Leningrad and then in the Altai Mountains in Russian Mongolia, Shostakovich’s second film ODNA (ALONE) features a dazzling score for a huge orchestra including a banda (8 brass band instruments), theremin, (Shostakovich was one of the first composers to write for this new electronic instrument), barrel-organ, a soprano, mezzosoprano, tenor, an overtone singer and choir. It has been reconstructed from the official Russian version of the film by Mark Fitz- Gerald, with the official approval of Mrs Irina Shostakovich. The recording also restores a short Overture [track 1] and a beautiful, lyrical prelude [track 9] that were not used in the film. The booklet includes notes on the music by leading Shostakovich film music expert, John Riley, and on overtone singing by Mark van Tongeren who performs on the recording. There are also transliterations and translations of the vocal score.

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