Karlheinz Stockhausen Tribute

stockhausen.jpgAlthough this is generally Mikhail’s area, I thought I’d note that WREK–the student radio station at Georgia Tech–recently aired a tribute to Stockhausen which is now available online. The two hour program includes interviews with Stockhausen, lots of music and some discussion as well. Check it out.

Karlheinz Stockhausen, 1928-2007

Karlheinz Stockhausen was a pioneer of avant-garde composition who will be familiar to regular WREK listeners. He passed away in December, and so we devoted the last Sunday Special (Jan 6th) to areview of his career. You can now listen to Sunday’s show at your convenience via WREK’s online archive, or you can download the same show via Eyedrum’s monthly podcast and listen on your mp3 player.

6 thoughts on “Karlheinz Stockhausen Tribute

  1. i’m listening right now to the first link you put to the WREK show–they’ve got all sorts of stuff mixed in together with stuff by Howard Reilly, etc. They haven’t said anything about him yet though, there were songs about ‘It’s a rainy day.. it’s a naked day..’ etc., strange stuff in that I didn’t know people wrote it any more, and a terrible song about corny stuff that I can’t remember even, even though it’s just been ten minutes. Don’t think I’ve heard any Stockhausen.

  2. Stockhausen is a sort of uber-contemporary things like a piece for 4 helicopters and a string quartet and early electronic music – maybe you’re listening to something else, they have a weekly Sunday show, as I understood, to listen to Stockhausen stuff you need to download an mp3 file as they only keep shows streaming for 7 days until next Sunday – that’s how i got to it…

  3. Yes, I know a fair amount of Stockhausen, Momente and the several Klavierstucke and once heard the NYPhil rehearse ‘Jubilee’. I think I was hearing a new show as someone else said. Stockhausen not that hard to come by in any form. I wonder if Boulez did any eulogizing–he was very influenced by Stockhausen, very jealous and very vindictive too. Had the musical chops, but not the easy Stockhausen glamour.

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