Hillary Clinton Cares…Maybe Too Much? UPDATED

Although this will most likely be cannon fodder for all of the people who hate Hillary (and the idea of a woman in the oval office for that matter), the sight of Hillary fighting back tears was surprisingly intriguing. At any rate, it’s an interesting glimpse into American politics, public political life and the harsh reality of the always bizarre American public. Why is she on the verge of tears? Let’s see:

Option 1. Because she’s losing

Option 2. She loves America and doesn’t want to see it hijacked by someone else, or

Option 3. She had just been slicing some onions in order to appeal to the prep cook vote.

UPDATE: Prep cooks can celebrate! It appears Hillary’s strategy of tearing up may have worked as she squeaked past Obama in NH by a margin of 3%. See Maureen Dowd’s column in today’s NY Times, Can Hillary Cry Her Way Back to the White House

1 thought on “Hillary Clinton Cares…Maybe Too Much? UPDATED

  1. Option 4. She wanted to use all the expressions for “regress” in one short outburst and found her own proficiency both amazing and touching – I do this all the time in class – start explaining “substantial form” and end explaining it in 5 mins with tears in my eyes because I did it so well, what can you do, Shahar?

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