Room With A View: Yellow Man Sighting.

It snowed today. Not hard, just enough to cover the parking lot and somewhat reluctantly greenish grass. I looked outside of my window.  I saw a strange picture. I saw a man, a man on a bicycle, a man wearing a bright yellow jacket. I took pictures. I like surreal and strange. I like colors and have been known to support bold, even if questionable, fashion statements.  This man was not just wearing a birght yellow jacket. This man was not just riding a bicycle in the snow.  This man was making circles in my parking lot, laying tracks like he was painting a picture: round and round and round… Beautiful.




7 thoughts on “Room With A View: Yellow Man Sighting.

  1. he raises so many questions:
    why your parking lot?
    why the lightweight yellow jacket? is he warm enough?
    are those boots the water proof kind you can wear in the river when fishing?
    what’s in the target bag?
    did he go all the way to target and ride back to your apartment complex only to get confused about where he was and where he should be going?

    if it is a sign of the/an apocalypse, what kind of sign is that? what is it indicating? general mass confusion?

  2. these are all excellent questions, niki – what was intended as a post to amuse is slowly transforming itself into a post to puzzle – i will mull over the questions you raise and respond accordingly. i would also add the following problems:

    why the white helmet? did he consider circling around in my parking lot to be a dangerous activity? did he really know what to expect and thus decided to go with (possibly) water-proof boots and a helmet?

    the only target in the arear is at least 3-5 miles away – did he ride all the way there? does he live close by and simply used my parking lot as a way to relax and get his thoughts together before he went home to his bitchy wife? did he recently cheat on his wife and was trying to collect his thoughts before riding all the way home? is his wife a detective so she would know if he stopped anywhere else but at Target so he couldn’t afford to actually stop the bicycle and was thus forced to ride it in circles?

  3. i also want to know how he decided on the size of the circles. did he consciously say, i will now ride in a circle around the two light posts in the middle of the parking lot or did he just start riding?

    so many questions…

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