Weekend Opera Edition: Tristan und Isolde (La Scala)

This year’s La Scala‘s season opened with Wagner’s Tristan und Isolde – great YouTuber (from Italy, I assume) posted the whole thing (a part of Act One seems to be missing) in more than 20 videos, so for the sake of convenience (my own, of course), I decided to collect them all in a sequence that could be suitable for continuous watching.  OperaChic has covered the opening gala and has some great pictures of Italian newspapers that, strangely enough, carried the story of La Scala’s opening night on the front page.

Wagner’s Tristan und Isolde (Dec. 7th La Scala Opening) 

Tristan – Ian Storey
Isolde – Waltraud Meier
Brangäne – Michelle De Young
Kurwenal – Gerd Grochowski
König Marke – Matti Salminen
Melot – Will Hartmann

Conductor – Daniel Barenboim
Staging – Patrice Chéreau
Sets – Richard Peduzzi
Costumes – Moidele Bickel
Lights – Bertrand Couderc

Teatro alla Scala 7th December 2007 


Act One, PT. 1  

Act One, PT. 2  

Act One, PT. 3

Act One, PT. 4

Act One, PT. 5

Act One, PT. 6

Act One, PT. 8  


Act Two, PT. 1  

Act Two, PT. 2

Act Two, PT. 3

Act Two, PT. 4

Act Two, PT. 5  

Act Two, PT. 6  

Act Two, PT. 7  

Act Two, PT. 8


Act Three PT. 1  

Act Three PT. 2  

Act Three PT. 3  

Act Three PT. 4  

Act Three PT. 5  

Act Three PT. 6  

Act Three PT. 7  

Act Three PT. 8  

Act Three PT.9

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