Giorgio Agamben’s Lecture – “The Power and the Glory” (video)

Giorgio Agamben’s 11th B.N. Ganguli Memorial Lecture, Centre for the Study of Developing Societies (Delhi), January 2007.

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3 thoughts on “Giorgio Agamben’s Lecture – “The Power and the Glory” (video)

  1. i would have to take another look at the whole lecture to answer your question in more detail, and i will try to listen to it again this weekend as i think it is a good lecture and i will just respond based on what i remember.

    i certainly would like to see more of a detailed analysis of his argument concerning the influence of Arianism on contemporary political thought in general and his very formulation of the “economies of glory” in particular. what i do find interesting is his very attention to Arianism which is usually disregarded as heresy, even if a very serious one and with significant influence – anyone who know anything about the history of early Christianity would certainly not dismiss Arianism as a small heresy. so i think that Agamben is asking important questions about the influence of Arianism on the Christian theology and through it on the contemporary political thought (if one agrees with Schmitt about the role of theological concepts in political theory) – i was a bit concerned with his ease with which he introduces the notions of “anarchy” and “anarchic” without much attention to the long history of “anarchism” that, although it does come from the same Greek word, does not have much in common with the Arian vs “orthodox” debates about the Trinity.

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