Politics and Religion: A Silly Thing to Mix Part II

Three cheers for the American style of political nihilism! American political candidates just can’t help themselves, as I pointed out here, American politics and Christianity just can’t seem to be untangled. In fact, Christian Triumphalism seems to be the one thing the candidates can agree on! These days Mitt Romney is ready to say just about anything to win over those conservative evangelical Christian voters. According to this article in today’s New York Times Mitt’s also been latching onto to that creepy Rick Warren (of Purpose Driven Life “fame,” isn’t it just what our Slovenian friend might call the superegoization of the imaginary, you can do it, God wants you to enjoy…):

On the campaign trail, Mr. Romney deflects questions about the specifics of Mormon beliefs, saying he is not a spokesman for his church. Instead, he seeks to emphasize common values across religions.“The values of my faith are much like, or are identical to, the values of other faiths that have a Judeo-Christian philosophical background,” he said at a campaign event in New Hampshire this month. “They’re American values, if you will.”

Um…excuse me? Seriously, where is Socrates when you need him (is Euthyphro on the line, is the caller on the line?). Politicians should be more open about the perverse and silly things they do and say to get elected, as David Brooks (of all people) points out here.

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